Duct Smoke sensors-Sales, Service and Installation

We are specialized in installing duct smoke detectors from many years within 200 km of Brampton, Canada.

Our company has installed several duct smoke detectors till now. Mainly, in many areas within the range of 200 Kms from Brampton at a best price available.

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Why installing duct smoke sensor/smoke plus CO sensors in house are necessary?

Duct smoke sensors are essential for the detection of fires in HVAC systems.This is because they are an integral component of your home as they provide a shield from the fire.

Furthermore, duct smoke sensors are required to be installed in heating, ventilating and also in air-conditioning.

Also, smoke detectors make you aware in case of fire to vacate the house immediately.

The duct smoke sensors are installed in the air duct system to detect any smoke in the duct.

Duct smoke sensors are made to detect early smoke or combustion particles present in the air travelling through HVAC passways. The air handling system which is installed in these sensors block the recirculation of smoke in such areas. They also prevent any kind of mishap very much in advance.

Duct smoke sensors can be connected with 24-volt DC or 120-volt AC. Also, the duct smoke sensors can be installed in the supply air or return air duct depending upon the local building code.

Moreover, most of the local building code needs carbon monoxide and smoke sensors with audio and visual signal to be installed.They are further interconnected in all the open areas including bedrooms. The duct smoke sensors provide double protection against fire.

One should never ignore the fact that duct smoke detectors are mandatory to be installed. otherwise, you are putting your life and property at risk.

However, improperly installed smoke detectors can also lead you to the same problem.Because duct smoke detectors are needed to be installed in the crucial parts of the house.

If they are installed in an inappropriate place, you will still remain at risk of mishap.

Not only we specialize in installing duct smoke sensors in the furnaces in residential areas, but also in commercial buildings.

Moreover, the furnace is the most crucial part of your house in winters, thus the risk of shutting it down should be avoided.

If you take our services to install a smoke detector, we will make it sure that they are installed correctly. Also, we will make sure that duct smoke detectors are installed in all the necessary places in your property.


You’ll be always be alerted in case of fire inside your property before any type of misfortune can take place.

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Mainly you can choose from two types of duct smoke detectors including:-

  • Hard-wired
  • Battery powered

TEJ Electric suggests everyone install “Hard-wired” smoke detectors over the battery-powered smoke detectors due to numerous advantages of it.

Benefits of Hard-wired duct smoke detector over battery operated duct smoke detector:-

One of the major benefits is that in a case of a battery-operated smoke detector, you would have to change the batteries after some period, which can be a hassle.

You always have to check many times whether the smoke detectors are still getting power or you need to change the batteries.

In contrast, hard-wired smoke detectors are operated on the house electricity unlike battery operated smoke detectors. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the continuous power supply to them.

Apart from that, you should also consider that, in case of power-cut, hard-wired smoke detectors can run as they have battery back-ups.

In terms of accuracy, hard-wired smoke detectors are far more superior as compare to that of battery operated smoke detectors.

The modern hard-wired duct smoke sensors can catch heat and smoke both. Therefore, giving an alarm much in advance so that you can leave your house safely.

Another problem with battery powered smoke detectors is that they can make a lot of false alarms.Whereas hard-wired smoke detectors are more accurate.

Last but not least, the electric smoke detectors are interconnected to each other. This is quite beneficial to everyone living in a house.

This is because in case of fire at any floor of the house or property, alarms present on other floors will also sound. Thereby, alerting everyone about the fire at the same time.

You may contact us for the guidance and installation of this important equipment. We have provided  a phone number and an email id to contact us.

Choosing the best alarm for your property can be a daunting task. Thus, we have provided some information related to the duct smoke sensor’s types.You should know before making a decision which is to be installed.

There are further two different types of options available to choose from and they are:-

  • Photoelectric Smoke detectors.
  • Ionization smoke detectors.

Although it is essential to install smoke detectors in every room as well in other places of your property, the type of smoke detector to choose depends where you want them to get installed.

Ionization smoke detectors are perfect for identifying tiny fire particles, which are mainly in the kitchen areas. On the other side, photoelectric smoke detectors are made to detect major fire particles mainly near the bed or other furniture available.

You can also choose a dual sensor smoke detector which is designed in a way to use in any location.
Remember the bigger your property is, the more quantity of duct smoke detectors are required to be installed.


Why taking care after the installation of your  smoke detector is important:-

Malfunction can take place on your installed duct smoke sensor in case you accidentally paint it. Thus, never paint your smoke sensors.

TEJ electric also recommends you to test your  smoke detectors once a month to assure they are properly working.

In addition, according to the rules, you would be required to replace your old smoke detector after a ten years period of time. Owing to the depreciation factor of smoke detectors, the performance of them degrades with time.

Whether you need a replacement of your installed smoke detector or planning to install a new one for the first time. You may contact us for any of these services.

Our licensed, as well as certified technicians, will guide you regarding these issues. Also, we will install brand new smoke duct detectors if needed.