Electrical Troubleshooting

In case of any kind of electrical fault in your entire home, business or at any personal location, you don’t need to be a worry. Our trained licensed electricians will sort out the matter right away.

Our experienced electricians deal with such issues regularly and find the best solutions. What may seem a big problem for an owner can be handled efficiently by our trained professionals. We work with full transparency and guide you to choose options available.

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So, what exactly troubleshooting is?

In short Electrical troubleshooting is a process through which experts analyze the operation of a circuit showing faults to examine what exactly is causing a problem and how to solve the matter for the smooth functioning of the system.

Well, we have diagnosed and solved faults which were easily observable to the faults which were very tough to determine. For instance, a defective plug visualizing sign of burn can be easily spotted, however, any component causing high resistance to the circuit can be difficult to catch.


Residential troubleshooting

We are thoroughly trained to handle all kind of electrical troubleshooting. If you are facing any issues regarding electrical wiring, appliances, or other complex homes electrical system, we are here to provide our services.

People looking for the system repair or planning to switch to the modern system, contact us.

It’s quite common to experience problems from the electrical system if it has become old. However, do not depend upon such a system to work properly for so long. We advise you to take action as soon as you can by contacting us.

If you are having any trouble related to your home electric system, call us on the given number and we will consult you on the phone before even coming to your home.


Commercial troubleshooting

Indubitably, everyone wants to see their business flourish. With business also come to numerous responsibilities. One of the major is taking care of your electrical system.

Thus, if you are facing any problem related to electricity failure, repetitive system failures and so on, contact us and discuss the matter before it’s too late.

TEJ Electric’s main aim is to assess all the issues which you are facing and eliminate them with the best possible solutions. In any business, one can face problems including, the flickering of lights, which can spoil the whole working environment to the major problems including short circuit, risk of fire, safety hazards and many more.

Never take these problems lightly, if you observe any of these issues or similar ones, feel free to contact us.

Our team will solve all the issues with their experience on the decided day and time in an effective manner.