High Voltage Installation


Indubitably, if you are looking for high voltage installations, such jobs should be best left to industry professionals!

Unlike low voltage work, which is typically sub 600 volts, High voltage has a much higher likelihood of injury. This includes electrocution, burns, or electric shock and so on.

Our professional electricians have countless years of experience working with unique and challenging applications.In addition, we take safety with our utmost consideration.

TEJ Electric’s team perform work safely and attentively. Also, we make sure our projects are completed on time and with minimum risk.

Why to take a risk with your critical projects?

Hire the experienced professionals !

TEJ Electric services take your high voltage installations to a higher standard. We insure each work site is properly managed by one of our senior electricians.

Moreover, proper inspection is performed at the beginning and end of each work shift. Our work plans account for 99% of the unknowns that we may encounter during the project.

Not only this, giving our customers a peace of mind that the project will transition from start to breaker open in a smooth, predictable fashion.

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