Residential Services


Our Electricians are dedicated to their work and always give their best to make your life easy and comfortable with regards to the electrical system of your house.

It is utmost important to keep the wiring as well as all the appliances up to date. Otherwise, anyone may face the number of issues related to electricity, which may cause all your family members to stop their work.

Every house owner wants their electrical system to work properly and efficiently.

TEJ Electric’s electricians strive hard to protect your system and suggest the best material which one should use for safety.
TEJ Electric LTD deals in evaluating your current house wiring system to the recommended upgrades related to the electrical products including Panels, switches, outlets, light fixtures, coolers, heaters and other necessary home items.

Our electrical expert’s first aim is to provide full satisfaction to the clients by their work.
In addition to the aforementioned services that we provide, TEJ Electric Ltd also deals in providing a thorough electrical inspection of your house.

Our team will inspect your home to check whether all of your electrical devices are up to the code requirements or not. If we find any of your electrical system which is not up to the code, our team will upgrade it at a time.

Remember that it is important that all of our electrical equipment and wiring should be as per Canadian electrical code and satisfy Ontario safety code.

For more information related to any of your residential electrical queries contact us: